In our new ‘Inspiring Local Mum’ feature we look forward to meeting everyday inspiring Mums throughout the Blue Mountains who are involved in their local community and have pearls of motherly wisdom for us all to learn from. No matter where we are on our parenting journey there is always something we can teach others and something new to learn. Meet our first inspiring Blue Mountains Mum, Chanelle!

Where do you live and how long have you lived in the Blue Mountains?

We moved to Blaxland from the inner west just over a year ago now, but I grew up in a suburb of Penrith so I’m a westie at heart!

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We would love to hear about:

Your family

My husband Cameron is a professional musician and we have a seven week old son called Asher. We have a scruffy dog called Winnie and we like bushwalking and watching Netflix together.

A local group you are a part of

We are a part of SOMA, a church that meets at Blaxland Public on Sundays. It’s a great community of people at all different stages of life and we have made some wonderful friends since joining a year ago.

Favourite trail for pram walks in the Blue Mountains

I’m fairly new to the pram business and haven’t been out on too many walks yet! Glenbrook Lagoon is a great walk to do with the baby in a carrier and it’s dog friendly which is important to us. Otherwise the Regatta centre in Penrith has a nice flat 5k circuit which I’ve done with the pram a few times now, it’s lovely in the winter sun.

Favourite park

We like Lennox Park – always quiet and again, dog friendly. When Asher is a bit older, Cameron plans to use the cricket nets there regularly!

Favourite baby friendly cafe

I like Tribe in Blaxland shops, pram accessible and great service.

Favourite coffee in the Blue Mountains

I’m not a coffee drinker but I’m told Tribe makes great coffee. I’d much rather have a tea, and I love Chapters and Leaves at Faulconbridge for Devonshire Tea.

Date night spot

Nook in Blaxland has amazing food and a cool atmosphere. Their hot chocolate is amazing!

Favourite location and activities for a daytrip with the family

Wentworth Falls Lake for sure! Great amenities and beautiful short walks. It won’t be long until we’re using the play equipment too. 

Favourite local shop

I love Noms Bulk Food at East Blaxland for package free food and beautiful gifts. I always go to buy healthy food but never leave without a jar of their milk chocolate hazelnuts!


I’m a music therapist at Noro in Penrith, which I love. I especially like working with children and families and have worked in NICUs studying the effect of singing with premature babies.

Motherly advice

As a parent of a newborn I don’t feel qualified to be giving anyone advice, I’m learning something new every day at the moment. From my work though I can say – Sing to your baby! Sing nursery rhymes, sing your favourite songs, sing them Ed Sheeran or whatever’s on the radio. Music is a fantastic tool to promote bonding and support brain development. And they don’t care at all if you’re not a good singer, they love hearing their parents’ voices!

If you are a Mum who is involved in the community or owns a small business in the Blue Mountains and would like to be a part of our special feature, please get in touch by emailing us at

If you know someone who you think might like to be a part of ‘Inspiring Local Mums’, give them a nudge to email us, we’d love to hear from you!

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